Moving together in Anti-Poverty Week

On Sunday 13 October, the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s staff, supporters and friends proudly banded together to take part in the Melbourne Marathon. Melbourne turned on the sunshine as over 70 of us took part. For the first time this year, we also had a few members of staff running the full and half Marathon – an incredible achievement!

Some of the Brotherhood team celebrating post race
Above Some of the Brotherhood team celebrating post race.

The event marked the start of Anti-Poverty Week, an awareness-raising week in which Australians are encouraged to take part in activities that aim to reduce hardship and address inequality. The Brotherhood of St Laurence is a key supporter. This year our focus was on children living in poverty. The occasion provided an opportunity to raise money for our children’s programs.

Katrina Herbert, head of the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s children’s programs, addressed the crowd at the Brotherhood Marathon tent explaining that, ‘too many children are starting school behind. Victorian statistics show one in five children are developmentally vulnerable when they start school. Your support today will contribute to our collective efforts to break the intergenerational cycle of disadvantage and give children the best start at life. Early intervention is critical to this.’

We were delighted with the interest from Brotherhood staff, friends and family in taking part through fundraising, walking and running the Melbourne Marathon. In total, we raised $29,287. That is double the amount raised from 2018. It expresses a wonderful and generous effort from our fundraisers and supporters. We hope to build on this effort still further in 2020.