How can we learn from the past to prevent poverty in the future?

Finding solutions to prevent and alleviate poverty is the bread-and-butter work of the Brotherhood.

Above: Revisiting Henderson has a chapter co-authored by our head of research, Shelley Mallett.

A new joint Brotherhood/Melbourne Institute book explores how we can shape a future social security system that enables people to thrive and escape poverty rather than rely on a fraying safety net.

Revisiting Henderson: poverty, society security and basic income features writing by leading social security researchers. They possess deep knowledge of the relationship between poverty and social security and issues such as indigenous people, disability, changes to family structures and the labour market.

The book reflects the enduring influence of the 1975 findings of the Commission of Inquiry into Poverty led by Professor Ronald Henderson. While many factors have changed the way poverty is experienced, it is still measured according to the methodology he devised. This was initially based on the income required to support the basic needs of a family of two adults and two dependent children. The Henderson poverty line is updated quarterly by the Melbourne Institute according to increases in average incomes.

Revisiting Henderson is available as an ebook and in print from Melbourne University Press.