Meet Elif

“I want my children to shine and have no boundaries. I don’t want them to go through what I went through.”

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Elif, 29, is adjusting to life as the sole parent of two children. As survivors of domestic violence, Elif and her kids have had it really tough over the past few years. “We’ve gone through a lot of trauma,” she explains.

It has been a slow journey for Elif and her children to build their new life. She was teaching at a local college, but had to stop due to her phycological state. “We are recovering very slowly,” she points out. But she remains positive, “I’m not complaining about my situation, it is just very difficult.”

A key driver throughout this time has been Elif’s belief in education. Education and learning have always been very important to her, but she admits that when you have so much going on and you’re not mentally strong, it is hard to keep focussed. “When you don’t have any support, it is hard to keep focussed. I have been very closed up.”

When she heard about the Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) through a friend, she jumped at the opportunity to learn new skills through a supported model. A HIPPY tutor visited her house to set her up. Having resources on hand, as well as knowing there is extra help available, has provided Elif the encouragement to keep motivated during this difficult period. “They are checking in and encouraging me to do it,” she says.

The HIPPY community is a positive environment and provides a safe space for her youngest, Harris, to get his confidence back. She is looking forward to seeing her children blossom. “I want them to shine and have no boundaries. I want them to do what they love.”

In the future, Elif dreams of training as a police officer. The knowledge she’s gaining of early childhood education and development, along with the opportunities for support in job training and career development available through HIPPY are setting her up for future learning experiences.

“I am excited because I have the resources and qualified people to help me out and support me,” she says.

HIPPY empowers parents and carers to be their children’s first teacher in their homes. Each year over 4,500 families take part in HIPPY.

Your support enables us to provide educational tools and support to families like Elif’s.

We’re grateful for the bravery of Elif, Josephine and Megha, who’ve shared their stories in the hope it will generate support for others like them.

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