A letter for you, from Cherish

Hello, my name is Cherish, and I’m writing to you on behalf of fifteen-year-old me!

A baby and her nan
Me and my nan

Back then, I was having a really hard time … I’d just lost my nan, who had looked after me since I was a little girl.

She was the rock in my life. Yet even worse than the ache I got when I missed her, was the worry I had from not knowing how I’d survive without her.

Christmas time was often the hardest of all…

While other kids are wondering what presents they will get, me, I just wanted my dad! My dad passed away on Christmas Eve in 2002. At that time of year, kids like me are more likely wondering how they’ll get through the holidays. And how they’ll even face the New Year …

It was really hard – and exhausting – trying to get to school after Nan died. I’m sad that I didn’t care at all if I made it to school, I just wanted to stay home and isolate myself in my room.

A couple of years went past, and I was still trying to discover my path in life and then that’s when the Brotherhood came in. And someone like YOU reached out and changed my life.

A young woman preparing a play group area
Setting up for playgroup

I’m so thankful I had Nan’s voice in my head in those tough years. Saying “You got this, my bubbie.” And for the support of the Brotherhood, thanks to generous people like you.

I know my nan would have wanted me to work hard and make something of myself. She always made me feel like I mattered. The Brotherhood is good at doing that too. They really care!

They make you feel like you’re worth something. And they help you to be the best you can be! They would always come and check in on how I was travelling at school and ask about my home life. I couldn’t even describe how appreciated I felt.

That’s something that a lot of young people don’t have in their home life – someone checking in on them. They all think and say, “She’s still smiling so she’s fine.” But, really, I was broken and I lost hope.

If you can give, the Brotherhood will get alongside a young person like me and be the voice of Nan to them: “You can do it! We’re here to help you!”

I am proof that the support the Brotherhood gives works. I am doing a traineeship with a child care agency and I am studying Certificate IV in Community Service. And, now, I have dreams and goals! And most importantly, I am happy.

The support of the Brotherhood is the Christmas gift of a lifetime. My nan would give you a hug you’d never forget!

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas!

You can write a message of support to Cherish.