Thank you for caring

My name is Hanan, I am 25 years old and I arrived in Australia after fleeing Syria less than two years ago with my older brother. In Syria, I lived in Damascus and was in my final year of studying a Bachelor of Translation degree. I love the English language. Sadly, I couldn’t finish my degree as we had to leave.

Arriving in a new country is extremely challenging and a huge adjustment. To be honest, at the start I didn’t feel good about it. My family and friends were back home. Everything was new and I didn’t know anyone.

I knew what would make it better would be meeting people and learning about Australia and that’s why I joined the Brotherhood’s Youth Transitions Support Pilot. The program helped a lot. It taught me how the education system worked, how to interview, how to write a CV … These things might seem simple, but they are difficult for people who have language as a barrier.

The Brotherhood staff knew that I was interested in Community Services so they helped me with that. I am now studying a Certificate IV in Community Services. I am really interested in working with young people and migrants. I can relate to people who came here and how they feel. I might be able to give something back one day.

People like you make young people in my situation feel good and more welcome. You are helping us build our skills and we feel like we are part of a community that cares.

I really like the idea that the program works closely with the young people it supports. They give advice which is relevant and suitable. The Brotherhood is a very supportive organisation.

I have been part of the program for one year now and I love it. I know others do as well. We can express ourselves freely. We have a lot of fun.

Thank you for caring and making a program, like this, possible.


The Youth Transitions Support Pilot program aims to help refugees and vulnerable migrants, aged 15–25, to get the skills they need for a job, and take part in the community through work, education and sport.

Hanan has been part of the Brotherhood’s Youth Transitions Support Pilot program for one year.