Executive Director’s message

Photo of BSL Executive Director Conny Lenneberg

Welcome to our Spring edition of the Building Better Lives Together newsletter. These stories illustrate how complex poverty can be, but also how much hope can be found when people are open to creating a better community for all.

This lovely statement by Brotherhood’s staff member, Mina, “Come to us, and we can figure out what to do,” encapsulates what we do every day at the Brotherhood of St Laurence — kindly and comprehensively supporting someone on a pathway out of disadvantage, especially when they are newly arrived in Australia or facing a big life transition.

For young people, the transition to adulthood can be a fraught time. Kris is doing much better now and is back at school thanks to our Transition to Work team. Philip is now healthier and happier due to the care and case management of our Aged Care services in Frankston — a few years back it was a different story. “If I didn’t have the Brotherhood I would be living under a bridge,” he says.

When you read Mina, Kris and Phillip’s stories, it’s easy to see how a series of changes in life circumstances can quickly cause hardship. But with resilience and support, lives can be transformed. This is only a part of what your help provides to the most vulnerable in the community.

It is people like you who make this transformation possible. We use our experience in working with individuals to influence how services are designed and delivered, and to influence social policy more broadly. Drawing strength from stories of hope and generosity is something that unites all of us. We greatly appreciate all you do to create lasting change in Australia.

Conny Lenneberg
Executive Director